trends to try

Here are some trends I want to try… I’ve decided this is the year to play with my look and create a new style for myself. I don’t want to get locked into one style or another – I want to create a look that’s uniquely me. I want to look amazing but stand out for being myself.

  • Super high heels/wedges :: Tried it and I love it! I fully intend to acquire several pairs of dangerously high wedges in several colors and styles – could be my newest addiction!
  • Shoulder pads :: Have some small shoulder pads in a couple of the blazers I recently acquired… and they’re actually pretty awesome, as long as you stay small. A strong shoulder seems to help define the rest of my body.
  • Menswear inspired :: Absolutely my most favoritest trend ever. Seriously.
  • Pastels :: So pretty and girly… I love these colors against my skin tone. I love looking like a dainty pastel confection.
  • Mixing prints :: I’ve made a few successful forays, but I have some work to do here. I really need to acquire some prints before I can make any serious attempts though.
  • Bright candy colors: Tried it on my finger nails and I am very much in love! Going to try it in my wardrobe before I mark it off though!
  • Super straight, long, brightly colored skirt
  • White one piece swimming suit
  • Lots going on all at once
  • Vintage lace
  • Ruffles
  • Tie dye
  • Colored socks w/wedges
  • Denim everything
  • Military style
  • Sheer or pale tights
  • Awesome shaped sunglasses

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