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my throat hurts

I have been so sick for the last three or four days that I literally haven’t gotten out of bed. I’m not really even sure what day it is, I’ve been asleep for so long. Finally feeling a tiny bit better, enough that I could get out of bed and type an update for my poor, abandoned blog. I didn’t die – almost, but not quite. Started with a sore throat and body aches, progessed into a cough and chest pain and fluidy lungs, then a migraine and finally nausea. I spent last night huddled in a heap on the bathroom floor, and finally this afternoon I am starting to feel better. I REALLY hate being sick.

I’ve missed three days of work, so no doubt even if I tried to go in tomorrow (which I don’t think I can), my new boss would tell me to leave anyway. I don’t have insurance to go to the doctor to get a note, or medicine, so I’m pretty much screwed anyway. Sucks, because I actually kinda liked the job, but oh well… I was going to have to quit anyway.

I haven’t bothered to change out of my pj’s and bathrobe for the last few days, either, which accounts for the lack of outfit photos. I’m absolutely going to get some up this weekend – all of that rest seems have to helped my fashion creativity – but posts will be spotty Saturday and Sunday at least, because we’re going to start moving stuff. Not excited for that… Our apartment is a mess! Ugh. I tried starting on it today, but after about 15 minutes my chest started hurting again really bad, so I’m taking tonight off – again. I hope I can get something done tomorrow without making myself really sick again.

I’m going to go watch The Mentalist and Vampire Diaries and then sleep some more. I hate being sick 😦