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I like Quaker Oats

Yup. I love me some Quaker Oats. Dry. Like cereal without milk. Delish.

I’m a freak. I know.

White button up & camo pants

Camo Accessories

White button up & camo pants

Brown Ankle Boots

white button up [Forever 21], olive lace cami [Wet Seal], camo pants [Wet Seal], brown ankle boots [Charlotte Russe], scarf [Charlotte Russe], wooden bangle [Charlotte Russe], gold bangles [Wet Seal], earrings [Forever 21]

This is the warm-weather friendly version of the last outfit I posted. I wish the camo pants were skinnies, but I actually got them before the skinny jean craze. Can anyone else remember life before skinny jeans??? I always swore I would never buy into the trend, and now I practically live in them. That was pre-fashion addiction, of course.

Hope you dig the outfit, it’s my first real foray into the military trend. Add my dark brown bomber jacket and aviators and it would be perfect for a cool spring day, IMO. How does everyone else feel about the military type trend? I really want an over-sized army jacket.

Having hair issues lately. I desperately need a haircut. All of my layers have grown out, and I’m afraid to do it straight because I don’t want to look bland, but my hair only cooperates with the scrunchy thing for part of the day. ARGH.

The black cat is Lily. Normally she runs from the camera, but for some reason when we were taking these shots, she decided she wanted to be a fashion model too. She wouldn’t move! She’s sitting in my lap now as I type, which is a vast improvement from where she normally tries to sit while I’m typing (on my keyboard). She’s a little attention whore, but only on her own terms. She’s the cattiest cat I’ve ever had… and I’ve had a LOT of cats.

I’ve started watching The City on MTV Tuesday nights. It’s about fashion, so I feel it’s legitimate research! And I love it. Whitney is so sweet, is was good to see her stand up to Olivia, who really pisses me off. I just wish I had the back story! Someone please fill me in… what happened on Season 1 of The City??? Why do they hate each other so much?

Anyway, I’m off to watch The Good Wife. I have LOTS of cute new outfit ideas for this week, so check back tomorrow night for an outfit post, and be sure to vote for this outfit, and my previous one, on Mode Republic & Chictopia!
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