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femme it up











pink blazer :: $27.80 [Forever 21]; lavender-gray sleeveless tunic :: on sale, $8.99 [Forever 21]; taupe tailored shorts :: $17.80 [Forever 21];  nude buckle wedges :: clearance, $14.99 [Forever 21]; purse :: $17.80 [Forever 21]; straw flower fedora :: $12.80 [Forever 21]; floral cloth bangle :: clearance, $1.00 [Forever 21]; turquoise & gold ring :: clearance, $3.00 [Forever 21]; pearl & gold rings :: $3.80 [Forever 21]; necklace [Forever 21]; earrings [Forever 21]; gold & pink cameo ring [Bebe]; pink heart ring [Hard Candy]; watch [Rumours by JC Penney]

Nude wedges and a light colored blazer are a girl’s best friends for summer. Straw hats, loose blouses and tailored shorts are also among my new inner circle of lovelies.

The menswear look is definitely my favorite; it’s loose and flowy and comfy, but still very chic and sexy. Blazers provide a menswear inspired look in and of themselves, so if you’re just dipping your toes and you’re not sure you want to go all the way, a blazer + men’s watch are your go-to pieces. For those of us who prefer the deep end, trousers or tailored shorts (extra points for pleats) and a fedora will fill in the rest of the blanks. Remember, though, the look should be inspired by menswear, not make you look like a man. Keep it feminine with light colors throughout the ensemble (think light neutrals & pastels), pretty jewelry (I like gold touches and pearls with this color scheme), and sweet accents (like a straw fedora, especially one adorned with flowers, and a cute-but-subtle purse). A delicate, ladylike blouse balances out the other menswear style pieces, and nude wedges are the perfect shoe for this look – sky high wedges scream “I’m a woman” without distracting from the rest of the look, and when worn in the nude make your legs seem impossibly long.

My new outfit is fantastic… I am seriously in love with it. The bottom photo is my favorite, even though I’m making a funny face. I was trying to think of a new pose when Travis decided to snap a picture without warning me, and surprisingly it turned out really cute. As you can see, basically everything, except a couple rings, is from Forever 21… Excluding the rings not from Forever 21, the necklace & earrings (which I got from F21 on a different shopping trip) this outfit cost $112 – which is actually pretty damn good considering how much I got and how awesome it is. I did pick up a lovely necklace for just $2 that would match this outfit perfectly, but I don’t think I have any earrings that would really match it:

Pink-&-Cream-Wood-Bead-NecklaceAny thoughts on the matter?

I went to the mall again yesterday, with my little-sister-in-law, and picked up an incredibly comfy black floral sweatshirt for $7.99. I’ve already decided what I’m wearing with it, I just need a reason to put it on.There was also a sheer high-neck black blouse with ruffles that I really wanted for $4.99… but I would have also had to get a lacy black bra to go with it, and Travis will shoot me if I spend any more money. I bought her a gorgeous black dress to wear to her sister’s graduation, and also a purple wide belt that she’s been wanting for ages. She said I’m her favorite sister 😀 We also checked out a local thrift shop, where I picked up a new jewelry box for just $8:



The lock on it is broken, but everything else works just fine and it’s absolutely perfect. Would you believe this is not even close to all of my jewelry? There is a coffee table in my bedroom that is literally a shrine to jewelry and the boxes that contain them. I have a total of four wooden jewelry boxes (including this new one), a small painted one, two pop-top plastic totes (you can see the edges of them on the left of the photo), and a stack of three RubberMaid drawers – all completely full of jewelry. I spent at least two hours organizing my jewelry last night, and I’m only about halfway done. If there is such a thing as too much jewelry, I may have attained it…

Travis decided yesterday to postpone our date (something with his stupid video game…. whatever), and he wants to go tonight but I don’t really feel like doing much of anything today. My nose is killing me – I’m having all kinds of trouble with my sinuses since we move down here – and I’m really, really tired. I think I would rather go tomorrow. But I do love me some Robert Downey Jr…….

The ThreadSence winner announcement is forthcoming. It will be up by the end of the night… So sorry for the delay. My life has been crazy this week. But I do have some really awesome stuff planned for my blog over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

honey, I’m home

Teal L/S Top, Black Vest & Express Jeans

Teal L/S Top, Black Vest & Express Jeans

Teal L/S Top, Black Vest & Express Jeans

Teal L/S Top, Black Vest & Express Jeans

teal l/s shirt :: Forever 21; black vest :: Forever 21; wide black belt :: Forever 21; jeans :: ReRock by Express; necklace :: Forever 21; watch :: Rumors @ JC Penney; earrings :: Charlotte Russe; black pumps :: vintage; pink & gold cameo ring :: Bebe; gold & pearl rings :: Forever 21

Summertime does not mean you must leave layering behind; it simply means you must adjust your tactics! I paired this loose, light knit vest with a long sleeved thin tee – the perfect combo for this time of year, when it’s not quite hot but not quite cold. Later in the summer, when things really start to heat up and it’s too hot for sleeves, I will trade in this tee for a short sleeve version in a fun color, and swap the long jeans for some cute distressed denim shorts. A knit vest such as this allows you to enjoy the layered look without boiling yourself to death in the summer heat.

A wide belt cinched around your middle provides a figure when wearing a loose outer layer. You can wear the belt over the vest to keep things close together, or underneath it, allowing the vest to hang free while still showing off those gorgeous curves. Keep it simple with a solid color that matches your vest, jazz things up with something sequined or sparkly, or add a little bad girl to the ensemble with studs  or chains. Whatever style of belt you choose, try to keep the main color of the belt the same as your vest. IMO, this pulls the look together nicely – especially if this matches your shoes/bag. Go wild with your shirt, and keep everything else related for a polished but fun look.

Things seem to finally be leveling out for me, and I promise I will be updating regularly again from this point forward. I’m considering setting a specific time frame every day that’s completely devoted to this blog. Honestly, I don’t see how that would be too difficult, considering that I don’t really do much of anything most days.

I have been getting out a lot more the last few days. I went to the mall today! I didn’t even make it out of Forever 21 though… What can I say??? I LOVE that store. I bought an entire new outfit for about $100! I really shouldn’t have spent so much, but considering what I got and how much I love it, I don’t regret it too much. I will definitely post pictures tomorrow night! Travis is taking me on a date and I’m going to wear my awesome new outfit for it 🙂

Tomorrow, Travis is taking me to see Iron Man 2, and we’re going to the mall again. I went by myself today, it was nice to get out and have some “me” time. I’m actually really glad I got to go by myself today. He normally loathes going to the mall, but I am insisting that he buys new clothes now that we have some money… He only has one pair of jeans that doesn’t have holes in the knees, and he could definitely use a few more shirts. So I’m dragging him down there tomorrow afternoon, and I plan to explore the rest of the mall as well.

I might be visiting home next week, probably from the 1st to the 5th. If I end up going, posting will prolly be sporadic again. I want to go, to see my family… but it would be really nice to have the house to ourselves for the week. I miss my daddy, but I also miss living on my own. If it were only for a couple of days I would probably go, but it’s almost the entire week – we would be staying at Travis’s mom’s house, without my laptop and without my car, and all of my friends live at least an hour away. I think I would be bored stiff. It could give me a chance to catch up on my reading, but I would also have zero privacy. Whereas, if we stay here, we’d have the house all to ourselves for five days…. I dunno. I hate making decisions.

Again, I’m sorry for the inconsistency in my posting lately. I want you all to know that I do read and very much appreciate every comment left here, even if I don’t answer you immediately. And I haven’t forgotten about the giveaway – I will post the winner tomorrow! 🙂 I’m even gonna be super nice and let you enter until noon PST tomorrow (Thursday, May 27th). I’ll post the winner sometime after that!

it’s been a long week – and it’s only tuesday

Okay, so I really fail at updating my blog over the last week. Things have been crazy. Sorry blog and blog friends 😦

Travis and I had a hunormous fight the other night that very nearly ended in me walking the 600 miles home. It was a bad one. And while I understand his point of view, the argument only happened due to his inability to understand my point of view, despite how many times I have explained myself. And it’s really starting to piss me off. He has a tendency to be extremely inconsiderate and insensitive sometimes over certain issues and it causes a lot of stress for our relationship. There are only two things we ever argue about: sex and money. UGH – Men! But, we’ve worked it out (for the time being, at least), and both agreed to work on our parts of the deal. I think we can fix it… we just have to try a little harder than we have been.

So then, Vince (my cat) went missing for an entire day – I worry entirely too much about my cats. A couple hours I could handle, but he went missing about noon and wasn’t home by midnight when I went to bed. I was skeered, to say the least. Travis went out to check the door at about 4:30 a.m. and found him – in the garage, that we’d torn apart and checked 4 times already. Damn cat.

And then my mom told me she can’t hold up her end of the financial arrangement we made with her this month, which put us in a tight spot for our end of the month obligations. We did get Travis’s 401k check today (thank God), but all of the banks wanted to hold it for at least 5 days, and we have something we must pay on Friday, so we had to pay $80 just to cash the damn thing.

I did get to do a little shopping today though, and I will finally be able to organize my clothes, set up my closet and get my bedroom together. Plus, we’re going to the mall tomorrow – yay!!!

We went to Wal-Mart to obtain some caffeine, and I decided to check the clearance section again, just for kicks and giggles, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been desperately searching for a denim button up, and I snagged a Miley Cyrus destroyed denim shirt for $7!!! I also picked up an L.E.I. yellow & brown & white plaid button up shirt dress for $7. How sweet is that? 🙂 There was a pair of shorts I strongly considered getting… They were white with a floral pattern. They came in two colors: blue or red, and both had a little yellow mixed throughout them. They were only $5… I’m going to the mall tomorrow, and if I don’t find something I like better, I might go back for them. I’m not sure. We’ll see.

But I am super excited about the denim shirt 😀

I do have some outfit photos to share, so I will be back with those either later tonight or tomorrow sometime. I finally got my sleeping schedule fixed, so I function mostly during the day now. Hopefully I can maintain this trend!

In the meantime though, I have a question. Remember the camo pants I wore in this outfit:
White button up & camo pants

Well, that day was actually the first day I’d worn those pants in, well, years. They’re not skinnies, so they’re kind of a pain in the ass to wear with boots, but they are really cute in this outfit. I’m considering cutting them off into shorts, and I think I would wear them a lot more often that way. Plus, that way I get more wear out of them in the summer while the military/desert trend is still hot. What do you kids think?

I ran away to Vegas

Sorry for my absenteeism… John (Travis’s dad) got home from work early yesterday and decided we were going to Vegas for the night. When he said we would be coming home in “the wee hours of the morning” I didn’t realize he meant we wouldn’t be home till 9 this morning. I didn’t sleep much yesterday, so by the end of the night I was completely worn out, but it was fun. We got my pay check yesterday, and John gave us some money, too, so we were able to gamble a bit, but we definitely lost. Lame sauce.

I did take a lot of pictures though, which I post later on tonight, along with further details of our adventure. This was actually the first time I have been to Vegas since I turned 21, so I saw it in a completely different way than when I was a kid and running through the casinos with my parents. We only went to Vegas for funerals (my dad had a lot of family in the area), but my parents would turn it into a weekend thing and gamble away lots of money. Is it terrible that most of our family vacations were actually funerals turned into weekend/week long getaways? And now that most of my great uncles/aunts who lived far away have passed, my younger siblings don’t get to go on vacations. I love my parents, but my family is as dysfunctional and messed up as they come.

In addition to my new theme (what do you think of the green?), I’m going to do some rearranging and rewriting on the other pages of this blog, so be sure to take a look around later tonight or tomorrow. I think I want to re-define the scope of this blog. It will still be fashion oriented, but there’s an upcoming plot twist that I hope will explain some of the weird things I say.


publicity stunt

I’ve decided to take a bit of a risk and make this blog more public. Meaning, I’m shamelessly self-promoting on various fashion sites, and I’m also going to reveal it to my friends and family. Maybe my rambling will help them understand me better, or maybe it will just piss them off. Either way, this blog provides insight into my life and my thoughts and I think it’s important to share that with them. After everything I’ve put them through, I want them to know that I’m okay.

That being said, I also feel the need to issue a disclaimer: if you’re a friend/family member/loved one: if you think you may get offended by my bluntness, you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog. In addition to coping with my fashion obsession, this is where I type out loud and think things through. Many of my thoughts are written here in their raw form and thus have edges and sharp comments. Don’t take me too seriously – I don’t.

I don’t want to be a poser. I want to be the real thing.

I want a pair of shoes from Aldo’s 😦

When you’re done here, you should check out the awesome giveaway going on at Flaming Hag Folkwear.

so much for family

So we’re $400 short on rent this month. We were hoping to borrow it from T’s mom, and we could pay her back by Friday, but she refuses to loan it to us.

Whatever. I really, really don’t like her.

I’m pretty sure T got fired on purpose, and I am so pissed at him. He has completely fucked us up the ass.

Cross your fingers for us. Here’s to hoping I can pull off yet another miracle.

tarot design

Good morning, dear readers. Well, afternoon, actually. I guess this is what happens when you stay up until 5a.m. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate the holiday.

My apartment is cold this morning 😦 it’s April – why the hell is it still snowing?!?

I had an idea this morning in my half-awake state. I want to design my own tarot deck.

I am participating in the Utah Maninni Three Tarot Project (http://www.technoharp.com/ManinniThree/index.html), put together by some local Pagan groups. Maninni is Italian for “many little hands.” Basically, it’s a community tarot deck. Everyone who signs up is assigned 1-3 cards to design using whatever medium they choose. I signed up to do three cards and was assigned Temperance, the Knight of Fires (Wands) and 3 of Earth (Pentacles).  I am really excited about the project and I’m really glad I chose to participate.

I think this project is what gave me the idea to do my own deck. I’ve already drawn quite a few of the Major Arcana cards in my study of the tarot. I find that drawing my own interpretation of the card helps me to understand it better. I think that drawing my own deck would provide me with a unique insight into the tarot that I would not otherwise have. I’m going to use blank 3×5 index cards for the cards, and I will hand draw each one using pens, pencil, colored pencils, watercolors and charcoal. Maybe I’ll get really ambitious and paint one or two of them. I’m not an amazing artist, but good enough for my own devices. I’ll post pictures of each card as I complete them. It will probably take me a long time to finish the deck, but it will be worth it. 🙂

I’m supposed to go out to Tooele today to see my mother… and probably T’s parents as well. Not particularly excited about that. I have a lot of other things I would rather be doing with my day, but unfortunately there is really no way to avoid it. Argh.

My breakfast consists of a can of Mountain Dew (170 cal) and 1 cup of dry Cheerios (110 cal).  So far today I have had 8oz of water and I weighed in at 133.8 this morning – I lost .6 lbs! Any loss is good loss. It’s a terrific start, considering that on Wednesday of last week I weighed 137.8 lbs. I want to be down to 129 by the end of the week.

Today’s food goals:
-Max 1500 calories
-Max 3 cans of soda
-Drink at least 64oz of water

I know that I can do this. Today feels like it’s going to be a good day for restricting. My stomach is still giving me trouble, and it’s always easier to avoid eating when my stomach feels like it’s tearing itself apart. I have barely even touched my Dew and Cheerios so far.

I’m going to work till 3:00, then I’m going to shower and get ready to go out to Tooele. I would much rather stay home all day and do my own things, but I do need to do some laundry (I do it at my mom’s house) and get some fresh air. I haven’t been out of the house in a few days. Maybe later tonight I’ll swing by the Walmart close to my house and see if the cute stock boy is there….