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all dressed up & nowhere to go

Black Studded Drape Top + Destroyed Denim Skirt + Lace Tights

Black Studded Drape Top + Destroyed Denim Skirt + Lace Tights

Studded Lace Tights + Gray Tights

Black Studded Drape Top + Destroyed Denim Skirt + Lace Tights

Black Studded Drape Top + Destroyed Denim Skirt + Lace Tights

top, shoes: Charlotte Russe; denim skirt: Aeropostale; lace studded tights, earrings: bebe; gray tights, bracelets: Forever 21

I love, love, love this top. It’s drapey and flowy and feels good to wear, especially on really hot days. Love it. The studs around the neckline make a necklace unnecessary, which is nice because I still haven’t unpacked most of my jewelry. Should have worn a loose belt around my hips, cocked off to one side like Han Solo – would have been sexy and roguish… but again, many of my belts are still packed away in a box or suitcase somewhere.

I am actually wearing two pairs of tights here – the black, studded lacy pair on top is from Bebe and there is a pair of solid gray ones underneath from Forever 21. This way I get the sexy look of lacy tights without blinding everyone with my incredibly white legs.

Let me apologize now as well for the poor quality of the photos. I desperately need a good camera – right now I am forced to use my motorola cliq, and it only has a 2 megapixel camera! Great for a phone, but terrible for trying to actually photograph anything.

The last couple of days I’ve really felt like getting all dolled up, but we don’t have any money to go anywhere or do anything… it almost feels pointless to get out of bed in the morning. It’s contributing greatly to my overall sense of depression and anxiety. I actually got up, showered, got all pretty today and then went to Taco Bell… and came home. Honestly, getting all pretty like this was moderately pointless but it made me feel better. I have an idea for what I am going to wear for my next outfit post, but I am seriously considering giving myself tomorrow off and not pressuring myself about anything. I think part of why I am so tired is because my body hasn’t fully recuperated from being sick last week and then the major loss of sleep over the weekend. I think I need a stress free day where I can just focus on getting settled in my new place. I will definitely post tomorrow, but honestly I doubt it will contain an outfit.

If I can get everything settled tomorrow, I hope to go explore the town a bit on Monday, and I will definitely post an outfit then. Hopefully I will be able to take those pictures outside, with a new setting (other than my kitchen and living room) and better lighting.

In the meantime, be sure to check out my dear friends over at Wicked Plum Vintage. I received the earrings I won in their contest, but I have yet to style them… that is another outfit post that will be coming up very, very soon – by the middle of the week, I’m hoping, so stay tuned!