another sleepless night

Pulled yet another all-nighter, for some reason I’ve yet to discover. There is something seriously wrong with my sleep.

Have a majorly awesome post in the works though. It’s taking a while to put it together, though, and I still have a bit of work to do on it. It’s nearly done, but I’m feeling a little ADHD, so I plan to finish it when I get back from my run.

That’s right. I’m going for a jog. As in, outside. Honestly, with the shape I’m in, it will likely be more of a walk with some jogging sprinkled throughout, but at least it’s exercise! I think father-in-law has some weight equipment in the garage, too, so I might hit that when I get back. I suddenly feel like exercising.

After my cardio and possible weight session, I’m going to hit the shower, finish my post, do some cleaning, meditate, go to the store and do some reading (definitely shower first post-work out, the others not necessarily in that order). I actually have quite a bit I want to get done today and I actually feel like doing it. For the first time in a while, I actually feel like moving. Crazy.

So I’m going to go pound some pavement away – if you haven’t already, while I’m gone you should be sure to check out the post right below this one for a fantastic giveaway!


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3 responses to “another sleepless night

  • Diana

    My shape isn’t that good as well..and I’m telling myself over and over again that I have to change something. So I bought a pair of trainers 🙂
    Good that you could motivate yourself, something I have to learn.
    And thanks for visiting my blog!


  • CC

    I recently started exercising, it’s so weird when you suddenly go from feeling all lazy to wanting to work out, right?

  • Cafe Fashionista

    Yayay for motivation! I too am a cardio junkie – it makes you feel amazing!! 🙂

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