my head hurts… still

Having a crummy day and not even sure why.

Didn’t get to sleep until almost 9:00 THIS MORNING and slept till almost 6 in the evening. WTF is wrong with me?

No outfit photos today, sorry. Like I said, crummy day. My tummy hurts. I just want to lay around and watch TV.

Hopefully will have my pay check by Saturday. Maybe once I get some sugar and caffeine in me I will feel better. Till then I think I will lay in bed and feel sorry for myself, even though I have no real reason to. I’m just TIRED all the time, except when I actually lay down to go to bed. Then I just have a massive migraine. There is something seriously wrong with my head and it HURTS like no other.


Maybe tomorrow will be better. Hopefully. PLEASE.


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One response to “my head hurts… still

  • Suzanne

    It does seem like something is wrong with the headaches and strange sleep schedule. Possibly stress with the move, finding a job, etc.

    Maybe if you make a small list of things you can do to feel productive in a day, it would help? Even taking a walk to get fresh air might help.

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