self imposed exhaustion

White Button Up & Khaki Shorts

White Button Up & Khaki Shorts

White Button Up & Khaki Shorts

White Button Up & Khaki Shorts

Brown Metallic Pumps

white button up [Forever 21]; olive cami [Wet Seal]; khaki shorts [Aeropostale]; brown metallic pumps [Charlotte Russe]; purse [Vanity]; all bracelets [Charlotte Russe]; earrings [F21]

Love this outfit. It felt comfy and clean. The pumps were added only because I needed shoes for the pictures; I went most of the day barefoot… And looking at them I’m thinking my beige oxfords might have been a better pick. Really wishing I had some cute nude pumps. I think they would have been perfect.

I have photos of a remix of this outfit that I am going to post tomorrow. It’s a more warm-weather oriented version of this outfit. I almost think I might like the remix better – the photos at least, anyway. Too exhausted to photograph well tonight. Even too tired to really type much of a commentary on my outfit. It’s essentially what I wore yesterday, except yesterday I was wearing a peach colored cami and today my cami was olive.

I didn’t get outside today. Too damned windy, and even a bit chilly 😦 Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I am so incredibly tired right now. I almost didn’t put up my outfit photos, even though they were all ready to go, just because of how extremely tired I am. I’m getting too damn old to stay up all night and live through it. As soon as I’m done here, I’m watching an episode of Stargate SG1 and then going to bed. I’m even waiting to post my new outfit photos on MR and Chictopia till tomorrow, that’s how tired I am.

Featured Friend of the Blog
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Has anyone else checked out the Fashion 101 series over at academichic??? I’ve been pouring over it for the last couple of hours – even taking notes! I’m such a nerd, LOL. I’m thinking tomorrow I will spend some time looking through my clothes and playing around with colors and various combos. I’ll be sure to take some photos and post them, too. Even if you’re an experienced, well-rounded fashionista, I highly recommend that you check out their blog. It’s full of all kinds of fantastic info! I’ve learned a lot by reading it through their entries and How-to’s over the last few days. And when you try out their tips, be sure to post some photos and send me a link. Remember – there could be a giveaway involved with this not too far down the line!

Good night for now, but be sure to drop me a line if you have any comments, suggestions, thoughts or questions, or if you’d like to become a sponsor of fashion_nerdom! Email is, or leave me a comment! (the link for comments is currently at the top of the post)


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