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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms in the world. May your days be many and bright; may you walk in the light of Mother Earth and Father Sky.


Wish List:

SEPPA, Aldo Shoes

SEPPA, Aldo Shoes



FLOMEGA, Aldo Shoes

FLOMEGA, Aldo Shoes

Jack by BB Dakota Ember Lace Skirt in White from Revolve Clothing

Jack by BB Dakota Ember Lace Skirt in White from Revolve Clothing

Pretty please? I promise I’ll be good!

Yesterday I put together a cute but simple outfit of neutrals and basics: a peach cami, white button down with rolled up sleeves, light khaki shorts and taupe oxfords; possibly my first mix of softer neutrals since starting this blog. I tend to gravitate towards darker colors, so switching it up to the lighter side felt refreshing, almost invigorating. Probably would have felt better if it hadn’t been 7:00 at night when I finally decided to get dressed! Of course, it didn’t help that I slept until 5:00 in the evening. I wanted to take pictures, because it was ever so cute, but Travis fell asleep while I was reading downstairs, so unfortunately I didn’t get any last night… However, I’m thinking I’ll remix the outfit a bit for today, and I am definitely getting pictures today. I’m going outside today!

I finally decided that my body’s schedule is too far out of whack, so last night I stayed up all night so I can go to sleep early tonight. Kinda tired, but I’m sure it will be worth it. I love nighttime, but it’s summer and I’m sick of wasting it asleep. Hopefully this week I’ll get my check from DaVinci so I can do a little vintage shopping and get something to organize my closet with. In the meantime, though, I am going to start getting up earlier – by noon every day, at the latest – going for walks, reading outside on the porch, etc. I could definitely use some sunshine.

Fashionable Find of the Week ::
So, today is Sunday, the start of a new week. I found a new blog last night, academichic, which features three women PhD candidates in the midwest and chronicles their struggles against the stereotypical style of academics. My favorite part about the blog – they’ve written a Fashion 101 course, separated into 15 modules, each focusing on different areas of basic style. The first four modules focus on colors and matching – thank the Goddess! – which I have been searching for forever. They even assign homework!!! From what I’ve read so far, the homework mostly consists of putting together outfits using the techniques described in the module. Yeah, I’m a nerd (hence, my title: fashion nerdom), but I plan to study all of the modules this week and ‘do the homework’. I’ll be sure to post my notes and my ‘homework’ daily. If anyone else decides to take this course with me (and you totally should!), you should definitely take some photos and send them to me! I’ll even feature them here on my blog (unless you don’t want me to!), just email them to me at, along with your name and what you’re wearing (you know the drill: each item & where you got it, if you remember). If I get enough submissions, I might even make a giveaway out of it, so make sure you send your photos in! And don’t forget to leave me some comments so I know you’re participating and going to class, too 😉

I’d like to stop here and thank everyone who hopped on over here from Facebook. It means a lot to me that you would take the time to read my ramblings about my every day life and my fashion obsession. Thanks for putting up with me, guys 🙂

And thanks again to those who have been with me from the start! Your warmth and encouragement mean more to me than you know. I love your comments and your input! Please, always feel free to comment or send me a private email. I love hearing from all of you!!!

I’ll be back later tonight with outfit photos, as well as photos of my new surroundings from my Adventure Walk I’m planning to take this afternoon. Be sure to check out academichic’s Fashion 101 in the meantime, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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