lessons learned

First off, my apologies for not getting the promised outfit post up last night. My photographer fell asleep much earlier than normal, so last night was a bust. However, I will absolutely be posting photos of yesterday’s outfit later today, and possibly today’s outfit as well. I have a fun idea for today that I hope works out as well IRL as it does in my head!

I spent four hours sewing my first DIY skirt last night… It’s incredibly cute and I absolutely adore it! The problem is, when I was measuring, I measured just my waist and not my hips! I didn’t account for my butt having to fit into the skirt so it’s a bit too small… ARGH! I absolutely love the skirt, too, but I don’t have enough fabric left to make another one. I might try to let this one out a bit by sewing another panel of fabric in, but that will be a pain in the ass and I’ll need a seam ripper. How frustrating!

I’ve got some more ideas for DIY projects that I hope to try out as soon as I have the money for fabric. Last night’s skirt was hand sewn, but my step mother in law, Shantel (the one that I like), has a sewing machine and I might see if she will show me how to use it. It would definitely be faster!

I will post some pictures of the skirt later, too, so you can see what it looks like. I wish I could wear it! Damn it all. Lesson definitely learned!


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