having a fantabulous day

Having a fantastic day. Put together a ridiculously cute outfit, will post pictures later tonight for sure.

Fashionable Find of the Week ::
Found a new vintage store that I am madly in love with: LoveCharles. Their stuff is insanely cute, cheap and wonderful. There are a couple of pieces that I am for sure going to buy as soon as I have some money, like this blouse:

Lavender Blouse from LoveCharles

Lavender Blouse from LoveCharles Vintage

and this skirt:


Putumayo 1980s Vintage Skirt from LoveCharles Vintage

I am especially in love with the blouse… Hopefully I will have my paycheck from that job I worked shortly before leaving Utah within the week. Today was their pay day, and I should have already called them, but I’ve been putting it off… I feel bad for quitting like that. I really hope they didn’t mail it out to my old address. That would seriously suck! I really need to get a forwarding address set up. Bad.

Got some other stuff to attend to right now, but I will be back with photos of my outfit later on. Hope you’re all having a fabulous day šŸ™‚


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