Somewhat lacking in inspiration today. I’m tired, although I slept for nearly 12 hours. I’m beginning to wonder if there is something seriously wrong with me.

Spent most of the day wandering through various fashion sites and reading the third book of the Dark Elf trilogy, Sojourn, by R.A. Salvartore (yeah… I’m a nerd). I love fashion, but sometimes when I’m exploring, I just get depressed because I simply don’t have the money to indulge. UGH.

Then again, looking at the websites of some of the major designers, it makes me wonder if they are truly in touch with what the average young woman really wants to wear. Don’t get me wrong – some of it is truly gorgeous and amazing, but so many of the outfits are also completely impractical for every day. But I guess with the prices they charge, they prolly aren’t really expecting every day women to be able to afford their designs. And that depresses me even more – the fact that the designers so many of us here in the fashion blogging community look up to and adore and practically worship seem to look down on us, as though because we’re not rich and famous we’re not good enough to wear their designs. It makes me sad, because I know some pretty damn beautiful women who deserve the best, but never get it because their pocket book isn’t thick enough.

Maybe I should just go back to bed.


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