first day

Sorry for the lack of postage today… I worked from 12-5, came home and watched a couple episodes of the Daily Show (LOVE Jon Stewart!), and fell asleep. I was so tired! I really need to start going to bed at a decent hour and getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep, especially now that I’m working. I fell asleep so many times at work today! I just hope that my new boss didn’t notice.

I really like this job… I really don’t want to move now! I mean, I do, but I wish I could transplant this job with me. I still really want to go to California, but I really don’t want to leave this job.

I apologize for not posting any outfit photos today… like I said, I fell asleep, and my hair was a mess when I woke up a few minutes ago. BUT, tomorrow is going to be a day of browsing vintage stores (after I donate plasma again… lame) and the mall, so I swear you’ll get photos tomorrow! PLUS, it’s going to be warm tomorrow (yay!) so I’m probably going to wear my new shorts!

We had been planning on moving on the 25th, but if T’s parents won’t drive down with us (which I’m pretty sure they won’t), I’m thinking we’ll stay until the 28th or 29th. That way I can work as long as possible, and N & A have a little bit longer to figure something out.

I really do feel bad about abandoning them, but they’re also kind of pissing me off. They haven’t even paid us back the $40 they owe us, let alone any money towards rent like they said they would! I get that they have to pay for gas and whatever, but I know for a fact that they also spent at least $100 on green… ARGH! T and I are both really peeved about that. To me, it’s incredibly disrespectful and an abuse of our friendship. They’re living off of us and not paying us a dime OR even acting a little bit grateful. A has gotten two pay checks and a lot of birthday money, and still nothing. Not only that, but they won’t even buy their own food!

It really pisses me off, because T and I have both been out of work and we’re broke as fuck too. We’ve both been donating plasma to help make ends meet and get groceries, and N point blank refuses to donate! I understand why A doesn’t – she does work – but N just sits home and plays LoL all fucking day! He hasn’t done a damn thing to help out, and he refuses to help for no good reason.

I love my friends, but sometimes they really piss me off.


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One response to “first day

  • Suzanne

    To be harsh, they don’t sound like friends. After a while, if they don’t start pulling their weight and helping out a bit, especially when you two have it hard already, then they are just using you.

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