slacking off

I want this: vintage Victorian cape/apron

So I’m waiting for T to get done with his game of LoL (League of Legends), then he’s promised to help me clean a bit and take some photos of my outfit. Yay! Honestly, I should have just started cleaning on my own, but if he’s slacking off I get to slack too right?

Honestly, I really don’t feel like doing much of anything today.

I was looking through my closet earlier, trying to decide what to wear today, and I noticed something – my wardrobe is seriously lacking in color. Just about everything I own is black, gray or white, with a few other colors (mostly dark & neutral) mixed in – it’s like the whole thing is done in gray scale! I am in dire need of some pieces with major color and patterns other than horizontal stripes. I’ve always known I had a propensity for black, but damn.

So, my next few purchases will be bright color and bold pattern oriented. I’m typically color shy, but right now I am craving the rainbow pretty desperately. The only black I will be buying for a while are the sheer black tights I want to go with my dress!

Tried doing something new with my hair today, but failed miserably. The left side was all wavy and messy and sexy and gorgeous, but the right side refused to cooperate. Even when I tried to fix it and just straighten it back out, it was being obstinate. It took some doing, and a lot of flat ironing, but I was able to get it straightened back out. I wish I could figure out how to make my hair wavy and sexy. I’ve never been very good with hair and make up.

Feeling pretty tired, especially considering how late I slept. Not really sure why I’m already falling asleep, but somehow I am.

Anyway. I need to go accomplish something now. And take some photos of my pretty outfit. So I’m gonna go for now, but I’ll be back with pictures 🙂

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