epic failure + awesome win

So, yeah, I fail – no outfit post today. Today was a very not good day, combined with being a fantastic day. I’m not really sure how I feel about it yet.

First, the bad news: did you know that in the state of Utah, as of Jan 1 2010, you have to have the following to renew your driver’s license: your old license, birth certificate, social security card and two forms of address verification – AND if you’re a married woman who chose to take her husband’s name, you also have to bring in your marriage certificate. OMG. Freaking ridiculous. I have all of the above, EXCEPT I have no *clue* where my marriage certificate is. I KNOW I was probably supposed to frame it or sleep with under my pillow and treasure it forever or something, but I’m not most chicks, and it’s great that I’m married and all, but I would rather cherish my husband than the piece of paper that says he’s my husband. UGH. So in the midst of moving, I get to tear apart everything that’s still boxed up from our last move and find that damn certificate. Fantastic.

HOWEVER, on the much brighter side…

Great piece of news #1…. I won a contest 😀 Wicked Plum Vintage was giving away two pairs of some pretty crazy looking earrings, and I was lucky enough to win a pair! They’re definitely unique, and I am really excited to get them and try them out! Wicked Plum Vintage has some pretty awesome stuff, and I definitely plan on raiding their shop as soon as I get a hold of some $! So check them out – like, now please! 😉

Great piece of news #2….. T bought me my dress for my birthday (which is Wednesday, btw) :D. SWEET! So, tomorrow, you’ll be treated to two outfits instead of one! Isn’t that fantastic??? I *really* want a pair of sheer black tights with hearts or polka dots to go with it – it would so be perfect. But alas, I was unable to find a pair for cheap while at the mall today. Actually, I was able to find a couple pairs that I really liked at Forever 21, but as T had already bought me the dress, I unfortunately could not talk him into a pair of tights as well…. Oh well. Maybe I can save my pennies and get some before we go to Cali so I have a super cute outfit to wear as soon as I get there.

I’m kind of worried about the move… the fashion here in Utah is completely different from the world outside. There are some who are very fashion forward, but by and large, they’re much younger than I am. There are very few adults who wear anything more than a t-shirt and jeans outside of work. It’s depressing, and honestly, it’s a big part of why I want so badly to move. The atmosphere here stifles my creativity. My friends always called me the ‘fashion queen’ at my work, because I was the only person who kept an updated wardrobe… But frankly, I’m afraid that I won’t hack it in Cali. I want to be unique and have my own style, but I want to look amazing and interesting – not stick out like a sore thumb. And I’m afraid that these fears will prevent me from experimenting the way I want to.

“If you want to wear something, so what if no one else is wearing it, just wear what you want to wear. Do your make-up and your hair how you want, and sod everything.”Victoria Beckham, Learning to Fly

Victoria Beckham is an amazing woman. I admire everything about here, and I worship her style. I desperately want her book, “Learning to Fly.” If I only got one present for my birthday, that would be it.

Of course, owning something from her collection might be even better.
And I would give just about anything to meet her.

It was reading her interview in Glamour that made me decide I wanted to be a fashion journalist. I want to meet important, stylish people and find out what they think about life, style and the world in general. I want to find out what their lives are like and who they really are.

More than anything else in this entire world, I want to write for Glamour.


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