I’ve kind of been a posting slacker today – my apologies! I meant to post when I got up, but when I went to bed last night, I left several Wikipedia articles up on my computer and I started reading them as soon as I sat down this morning. Once I start reading something on Wikipedia, I end up reading Wiki articles for hours. I have a Wikipedia problem!

I haven’t gotten anything done today other than reading Wikipedia. Oh, and I did sign up for the new Body by Glamour program. I *really* want to get in shape and lose some weight before I get to California! I want to look amazing in my swimming suit so I don’t feel uncomfortable going to the beach. When I hit my goal, I’m going to treat myself to a new swimming suit (maybe even that white one piece I’ve been wanting!), assuming I have money to do so. I really hope that I can find a job quickly in California! I really need money. I hate being broke!!!

So, due to the unproductive day, there most likely will not be an outfit post, however I am going to get you a picture of the results of my new nail polish! I did the yellow on my finger nails and the pink on my toe nails, and I really like the way they look together. That photo will be posted soon!

In the mean time, I highly recommend you check out the Body by Glamour program. Add me as your friend if you join 🙂 My user name is fashion_nerd.


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