wrong side of the bed

Good morning! Just got up. I’m going to shower and get cute here momentarily so I can go to the mall and get my shoes 😀 I’m so excited!

T has managed to piss me off already this morning. We lost our mail key, and he was supposed to go out while the mailman was here this morning to get the mail. Well, he went out, he was here, and T came back in to wait till he was done with ours, and 15 minutes later when T decided to go back out, he was gone. I told him multiple times to go out there and he just wanted to lay down! Given the state my hair was in, and the severe stomach pains I’ve been having all morning, I couldn’t really go do it… plus I did it last time. It really pisses me off when his laziness fucks things up.

He insists on going to the mall with me too. He’s been on this kick lately about us spending time together. We’re home together all fucking day… all we DO is spend time together!!! When I get out of the house, I want to have some me time. Especially at the mall…. the mall and the library are the places I go by myself. He knows that too! It really ticks me off when he insists on tagging along when I just want some time by myself. There have even been a few times when he’s accused me of lying to him about where I’m going – he thinks I’m sneaking around with other guys! WTF??? I have NEVER cheated on him, and it really pisses me off that he doesn’t trust me enough to let me out of the house by myself.

Today has definitely started out on the wrong foot.


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