aspiring fashionista

I heart fashion. It’s my passion, hobby, obsession – I hope to make a career out of it. I want to write it, breathe it, live it with every ounce of my being. I want to write for a fashion magazine – hopefully Glamour or Vogue. Cindi Leive, Editor in Chief of Glamour, is one of my heroes. She’s everything I aspire to be.

I need to get my head on straight, but I know that one day I can be like her if I choose to be.

I have a tendency to post several times every day. I fully intend to continue this trend, and I plan for at least one post every day to be about fashion, and to include a photo of what I’m wearing or a spiffy new find that I’ve added to my closet. In addition to the daily fashion post, I’ve added a page to my blog for fashion. I think I’ll turn that into a gallery of my favorite outfits and pieces. And please, feel free to leave commentary. I’d love to know what you think of my work. 🙂

I wish I had enough money for designer clothes and a brand new outfit every day. But I don’t. And that’s to your benefit, dear reader, because most of probably don’t have money for designer shoes and a new wardrobe every season. We have to make due with what we already have and we’re lucky if we get to purchase a few updated items every few months.

So this project will be a challenge to my creativity; to mix and match what I already own and what few new things I can afford to purchase to create a trendy, stylish wardrobe. I’ll post pictures as often as I can, because it’s more fun if you can actually see what I’m talking about.

First fashion oriented post will be up tomorrow. Today was very much a pajama day. I did take a shower, but I just put on new PJ’s when I got out 🙂

In the mean time, I suggest you check out Liz is incredibly talented and beautiful – her work inspires me every day! You could say that she is my blogging role model. 🙂


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