drowsy blogging

Today was just another reminder that everything[one] is his; and it[they] will all go with him if he leaves.

I want to sleep by myself tonight. And he’s freaking out, thinking that means he should leave.

Why can’t he understand that I just want some time to myself tonight? I don’t make decisions like this in a split second. I need to decide what my plan for my life is from this point. There are so many HUGE decisions looming before us. I want to take the necessary time to make sure that I am doing what’s RIGHT for ME, and not just easier and less painful for the most people involved.

That doesn’t mean that I want him to leave; that simply means that I want him to leave me alone and stop glaring at me and demanding whether or not I’ve made a decision.

I just want to be sure that I make the best possible choice for me. I don’t want the next chapter of my life to be another dark one.

I am falling asleep as I type. Maybe I should go to bed.


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